You deserve the best!

As an owner of a real estate company for over 2 years and as an agent for 7 years, it pains me to see so many people getting duped time and again. I have seen buyers being “pingpong-ed” between agents and being taken advantage of. I have seen people being taken for a ride for something as common as renting a unit. I have seen complacent agents file improper paperwork giving rise to ugly situations that could have been easily avoided. I have seen rogue agents cheat and swindle money from customers.

At LHRE we understand that all of the above bad apples makes life unnecessarily stressful and we see ourselves as a solution to the above. We work our bottoms off to provide the winning combo of convenience, impeccable service, transparency and hence trust. Don’t trust us because we say so, trust us because of our process and our commitment to build lasting relationships (Head on to our Facebook page to see what our customers say about it). We’re here to grow together, your success is our success and we understand that equation.

Now, picture this, you are seeking to rent out a piece of property and are seeking a tenant. Lets not also forget that this is a property which has a significant dollar value associated with it. As a broker we carry out preliminary screening for suitable tenant candidates, tenants who will take care of unit like it is supposed to be and will honor the proper terms of the contract. As for the tenants, I make sure the unit is in top condition and more. Clearly the above is a criminal understatement of the work that we do, but just for this context, let’s stick to these for simplicity (I’ll do a separate series on the broker checklist). I act as a natural conduit between all the parties, making sure that everyone is getting the deal that they seek and are happy with the figures and the terms. Put Simply, my effort us purely to make every transaction a win win situation. This “win – win” situation is what takes experience, proper judgement and empathy to arrive at.

Empathy, sounds like a strange word to read on a real estate website isn’t it? Well, it shouldn’t be and this is exactly the reason why I started Lime House Real Estate (LHRE). LHRE, ground up, is a lithe and boutique real estate brokerage firm where we put you before anything else. All paperwork is put through a strict procedure of diligence to root out issues right in the bud, making everyone happy. RERA guidelines are followed quite fanatically to ensure transparency and accountability. Needless to say we and our customers get sound sleep at night. Remember the win-win situation I wrote about earlier? We’re a part of the win-win situation.

Above everything else, we understand your needs on a human level. Our stubbornness about providing service quality that we ourselves expect means you get quality that you can bank on everytime. Money is just a bi – product, we are here to earn relationships.

If you’d like to know about the services we offer or for general real estate related advice, send us an email at or simply call us on +971 4 512 4023. Alternatively you can reach us via our Facebook page @

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