Curious case of a “once bitten twice shy” tenant

In business once, every now and then, there comes a customer who has peculiar set of challenges. Such customers require more than the average effort, understanding, and empathy for proper resolution.

Few weeks ago we were approached by a prospect who was interested in renting a unit listed with us. We followed our procedure, signed the Form B and arranged for a viewing. The viewing was smooth, the prospect liked the unit and finalized the unit on the spot with us.

Even though there was a considerable difference between the asking price of the landlord and the price desired by the tennant. We successfully managed to negotiate a price which was both nearer to what the landlord was seeking and the tenant wanted. A win-win situation so to speak. Well, what’s so complicated in this? One might ask Sounds pretty regular right? One might say. Hah, read on.

All parties agreed, contracts were drawn, checked, rechecked and presented. Landlord approved, tenant refused! Wut? Why?

The tenant refused to give the first cheque before the contract was handed over to them. This we couldn’t do since this is a considerable risk towards our land lord. Imagine, the situation were the tenant has moved in with the contract and the cheque, for any reason has not been honored. Such situations become a legal nightmare which naturally requires quite a few visits to the Dubai Courts. This is an outcome which every one seeks to steer clear of.

The reluctance on the part of the tenant was highly unusual and naturally demanded further investigation from us. It turns out that the tenant had had some experience with agents before where after payment and contract signing, landlord had shown laxness in helping with key documents for the Ejari registration. This has translated to months of frustrating running around by them. Historically, the agents that had helped them get the deal had also vanished after having completed the transaction, leaving the tenant alone to hang out dry. This situation was made worse by severe language barrier faced by our tenant (a native Arabic speaker) and us. If the above wasn’t enough the landlord now had offers for the same unit with figures more than offered in this contract.

Where any other agency would have given up, we decided to persevere. We called for one final meeting at our office. In the meeting we assured the tenant of our reviews and our reputation. We devised a way to move ahead using Manager’s cheques too. We were eventually able to put the tenant to ease with our guarantee that we will hold their hand through it all and not rest till the Ejari is done.

True to our commitment, we saw the tenant through the entire process, and we are happy to report that they have settled in comfortably and all is well.

This case reaffirms that Dubai is unlike any other real estate market. A city with diverse, multicultural inhabitants we understand that there are, at times, inhibitions and reservations which can hinder a smooth transaction. Such cases are not to be avoided but to be embraced as there is much to me learned from them. In the end, it takes perseverance and empathy to make sure that we deliver service which is not only good business but “Human” at the core.

Lime House Real Estate is based on the ethos of empathy and steadfastness. We treat everyone equal and fair and if you are to believe our customer, we go out of our way to help you with the results you seek. If you would like to taste our service, check out our listing. You can also submit your property to add to our listing.

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